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Mombo exists to enable people achieve what’s important in their lives through simple, friendly and reliable financial solutions.

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We provide fully personalized financial services to suit our clients’ diverse needs.


We have harnessed technology to provide our clients with easy and safe access to our financial services.

Our proprietary credit scoring technique leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to process up to 20,000 discrete units of information per application. This allows us to score you in less than a minute and come up with a more accurate credit risk score than with conventional credit-bureau based systems.


We form long-term relationships and help clients to gain access to better products and services through inclusion and customized development

and loans

The experienced, long-term, and would-be first-time investor, can develop a diverse portfolio of interests through the Mombo App, while still being able to rely on the expertise of professional finance managers. The institution enables investors access to a full range of investment options, which deliver solid returns.

Investors access quarterly cash flow with guarantees of security for personal data or go for the option of annual fixed income return. The investor is also guaranteed against poor investment performance.

We offer several benefits for those taking loans through the Mombo App. These include support throughout the application process.Where appropriate, Mombo may consider granting temporary relief from repayment of the loan in the event of periods of unemployment. Whats more, in case of financial difficulties and upon application, Mombo may allow for the restructuring of the loan.

Our Loan offers

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Pay Day

Loans against Salary
Duration of up to 1 months
Pay when you get paid
20 minutes Turn Around Time

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Loans against Logbooks
Car should be privately comprehensively insured
Duration of up to 6 months
Choose when you want to pay
4 hours Turn Around Time

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Loans against savings
Access up to 5 times your savings against collateral/ guarantors
Duration of up to 6 months with monthly installments
10 Minutes Turn Around Time

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Lifestyle Access

Loans against savings
Access up to 5 times your savings against collateral/ guarantors
Duration of up to 48 months with monthly installments
24 hours Turn Around Time


Within the context of a membership network for mutual support and encouragement, clients choosing to start and manage a savings plan through Mombo App are offered the benefits of an annual return on savings, and all shares have guaranteed dividends.

We organise regular member meetings, including dinners, happy hours and panel sessions. We also arrange entrepreneurial mentoring to encourage and nurture business ideas for the future.

In addition, members’ savings are insured against death, permanent disability, and critical illness. Members and stated beneficiaries would receive up to twice the value of savings of affected member.

Our unique and creative financial products– including the Mombo Sacco membership network for savings - mean clients have security and support, unlike other financial institutions.