“If saving money is wrong, I don’t want to be right.”
William Shatner


We offer competitive market rates on loans, in addition to:

Six (6) percent

Annual return on savings and all shares purchased have guaranteed dividends.

One hundred (100) percent insurance on savings

Savings are insured against death, permanent disability and critical illness with Liberty Life Holdings Ltd? In the event of the latter, members and stated beneficiaries will receive twice the value of the affected member’s savings.


We organize formal and informal members’ meetings, from dinners and happy hours, to panel sessions.

Unemployment status benefits

In the event a member gets of out employment, our management team can consider halting on a temporary basis, any loan repayments to enable the affected member time to find suitable employment. In addition, our career advisory team will be ready to help members in their new job searches.

Entrepreneurship advice

We support, incubate and provide advice to our member’s business ideas
through our entrepreneurship mentorship program. The program involves series of workshops where members will meet and engage with our business executives, and receive advice about how they can build and grow their business ideas.

Loan guarantee

We link members with each other, and enable them to offer guarantee ship to each other during loan applications with smaller, manageable amounts based on their savings. This makes the usually laborious and tiresome process of loan guarantee ship easier, and ensures that members are protected during loan repayment. We have also digitized the guaranteeing process, available on MOMBO App.


  • Any Kenyan, whether they live in Kenya or abroad
  • Salaried-employees
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Farmers
  • Civil servants


  • Must possess a valid national registration card or passport
  • Must produce two (2) coloured passport-size photos taken within the last six (6) months prior application for membership registration.
  • Completed the membership form
  • Make a payment of Ksh. 2,000 as membership registration fee (Non-refundable) after being accepted by a simple majority vote of the management committee.
  • Purchase of at least 100 shares of (Ksh. 100 each), totaling to Ksh. 10,000 (refundable)
  • Maintain a minimum savings contribution of Ksh. 3,000 per month (refundable).
  • NOTE: An applicant admitted into membership will only qualify for a loan after three (3) months of their membership and having contributed the minimum shares and deposits as approved by a general meeting.