Digital marketer and Growth Strategist helping purpose –driven Brands bring big ideas to life.

Jotham is one of the most well-known and influential digital marketers in the East Africa, and for this reason; he co-founded Kenyanmusik Ent, Food Posterity Kenya Org. and Children with Nature Org.

He has helped numerous major corporations (Sportpesa, Land LayBy Kenya,Media Focus On Africa ) with their marketing efforts. He is an award winning blogger, ( won the Blog of the Year Award in SOMA awards 2016 - this blog gets over 2 million visitors each month).

Jotham leverages his extensive marketing experience to increase audience, and the importance of authenticity by providing tips and insights to businesses looking to learn more about things like blogging, branding, and social media and content marketing.

He uses both his profile portfolio and experience to emphasize the ways he can bring value to prospects and partners. His focus always stays not on what he's done, but rather on how he has helped others to drive growth, solve problems, and achieve his client’s goals through endorsing innovative marketing and branding strategies that increase revenues, drive brand awareness, and solidify customer relationships.

Now in his 3rd year in undergraduate studies, Jotham brings into the board his vast experience spanning over 3 years in marketing and branding to see the sacco advance in its marketing strategies.