Mombo Sacco Savings

Mombo Sacco is more than a group saving scheme. It’s being part of a professional community where you can let your money grow through investments, access savings and take out loans to help along the way. Being a Mombo Sacco member is a step towards financial freedom.

What is Mombo Sacco?

Mombo Sacco is savings society with a difference. You can be assured that with Mombo Sacco, your money is working for you with a range of innovative financial solutions, unbreakable security and reliability, a modern and accessible layout and professional, friendly customer service and assistance.

Mombo Sacco is one half of Mombo, and partner to our MomboiCapital services for loans. It was founded in 2015 and continues to work as a financial platform dedicated to bold financial investments.

You can learn more about the committee board members and supervisory committee who ensure the smooth operations of Mombo Sacco on our About Page.

Savings and Loans with
Mombo Sacco

Anyone from any walk of life is welcome to apply for Mombo Sacco Membership. The platform is designed for all members of the public.

With Mombo Sacco, you can achieve:

  • Easily accessible loans with quick application processes, so you can get the money you need without unnecessary stress.
  • Connect with other members and become a Guarantor easily and securely with a completely digitalised process via the Mombo App.
  • When you become a member, your savings are automatically life-insured against death, permanent disability and critical illness.
  • Save money with confidence, , reaping rewards no matter the saving scheme you take part in. You can withdraw fully from the entire Sacco program at any time.
  • Gain attractive dividends on share capital and earn 6% interest per annum – you can access this interest twice a year!
  • We also have finance options available for Chattels Mortgages, immovable property (land, for example), and asset finance. Whether you want to move home or need a helping hand purchasing a new asset, Mombo Sacco can help.

Our Services – Save with Sacco Loans Kenya

Taking control of your finances doesn’t mean stress, wasted time and lots of paperwork. That’s why all our services are instantly accessible from one place. The Mombo app is all you need to manage your Mombo Sacco membership.

Guarantor Loans

When someone needs to take a loan that total more than their savings, you can use another Mombo Sacco member as a guarantor. As a guarantor, you can help another member extend their loan the amount that you have saved too.

Being part of Mombo Sacco means you support fellow members and are supported in return. Together we can all make the most of our finances.

Taking Loans

There are 2 types of loans you can take with Mombo Sacco. Loans are made against your savings, or you can make a loan against collateral or a Mombo member guarantor. We believe in flexibility, security and ease. That’s why we have both long-term and short-term repayment plans, plus initial loan applications are approved and deposited within 6 to 24 hours.

Insta Loans

  • Great for quick cash withdrawals and short-term repayments
  • Repay within 6 months
  • 3% processing fee

Lifestyle Loans

  • Perfect for covering those large expenses with ease, whether it’s a dream holiday, wedding or home renovation, and long-term repayments
  • Repay within 48 months
  • 3.5% processing fee

BOSA Sacco Savings Account

Build your savings pot at a rate that’s comfortable for you.

  • 4 savings schemes, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum
  • Easily open your account from the app
  • Annual interest on your savings from 4% to 6%
  • Access 5x your savings amount as a loan

Read the Mombo Savings Brochure for more details.

Islamic Financial Products

Designed with your religion in mind.

  • Murabaha credit financing
  • Mudarabah savings account

Safe and Secure

You take money management seriously and so do we. Mombo Sacco is kept safe and secure at all times.

  • All Mombo Sacco members are thoroughly assessed before becoming guarantors or taking loans, with an Artificial Intelligence Credit Scoring System.
  • As a guarantor, you are in complete control of your liability. With each repayment of the loan, your liability is diminished.
  • You have no reason to worry if a borrower defaults – Mombo Sacco will institute other mechanisms of recovery including but not limited to debt collection before we attach guarantor’s contributions.
  • Your savings with Mombo Sacco are protected by the provision fund, which has been set up to mitigate losses to savers.

How to Get Started with
Mombo Sacco Loans and Savings

  • Download the Mombo app – it’s available on all smartphones, including Apple and Android devices.
  • Open a savings account with just one tap.
  • Read, accept and sign the Sacco membership offer letter.
  • Pay the registration fees to get started.
  • You’re now a Mombo Sacco member!
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