Mombo Loans from iCapital

Take loans with confidence and be rewarded for your investments. Mombo iCapital shows you the potential of managing your finances.

Mombo iCapital was founded to make money simple and fair for you. Our loans help you, they don’t tie you down. And our investments are rewarding and easy to track, with no headaches or uncertainty attached.

Mobile Loans with Mombo iCapital

Joining Mombo iCapital opens up a new world for your finances with endless possibilities. With these great benefits, what will you achieve?

  • Paying off your loan with ease? Or, maybe you’re struggling with the monthly payment? Mombo iCapital loans can be escalated and deescalated to suit your schedule and make money management less stressful and more freeing.
  • Compared to the traditional bank lenders, our rates are low and affordable. Furthermore, we’re always completely transparent with the fees that will be applied. You can take your time reviewing these fees via the app when you apply for a loan.
  • Security, for you and us, is a high priority. All financial transactions, personal and financial data is held securely and sent with 256-bit SSL encryption. To access the app, there are several layers of security to pass through, including fingerprint login.
  • Reap the rewards for paying back your loans on time. The more you improve, the more points you’ll be awarded, which will improve your credit reputation with Mombo and ensure you can borrow more in the future.
  • Every aspect of Mombo, from the app to Mombo Sacco and iCapital is built on speed, convenience and safety. You can take loans with the confidence that you’ll have the money when you need it. Our approval time is just 10 minutes!

Our Services – Mobile
Loans App in Kenya

We know that taking a large loan isn’t always what you have in mind, so we’ve created a range of different loans for all the circumstances we know our customers face.

Quick Loan – Instant Loans in Kenya

  • A simple loan you can take for just 2 weeks.
  • Anyone with the Mombo App can access this loan!
  • Just make sure you have 3 months M-Pesa statement, as we need that data to help us create a credit limit for you.
  • This loan has a $10 limit.

...built to allow you to
monitor all your investments

Payday Loan

  • If you’re formally employed and have a designated payday, this could be the loan for you.
  • You can take loans for up to 2 months, to help cover costs until your payday arrives.
  • Takeksh. 5K to ksh. 250K to cover your needs, deposited into your MomboEwallet, M-Pesa account, or bank account.
  • Turn around time is just 20 minutes for this loan!
  • This loan is unsecured.
  • You just need to show us 3 months payslips and bank statements.

Asset Loan

  • By securing loans with an asset, you could borrow more and there’s added security for us.
  • You can take up to 6 months to repay this loan.
  • Take ksh. 50K to ksh. 1M to cover your needs, deposited into your MomboEwallet, M-Pesa account, or bank account.
  • Credit life cover included.
  • Turn around time for this loan is just 4 hours.
  • This loan is secured by a logbook.
  • Both employed and self-employed people can take this loan by showing us 3 months bank statements and a jointly registered logbook.

Not sure these loans are right for you? Mombo Sacco also has a loan option that may suit your needs. Read about Mombo Sacco.

At Mombo, we keep everything transparent and easy to understand. You’ll have the chance to read full terms, conditions and finer details about these loans when you apply via the app. If you have any questions, you can always contact our helpful customer service team.

How to Get Started with
Online Loans in Kenya

  • Download the app for free on your iPhone or Android device.
  • Fill in your details and request a loan, all from the app and within 4 taps!
  • Once accepted, sign the electronic offer letter.
  • The cash will be deposited into your account in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Keep track of your loans and savings via the Mombo mobile loans app in Kenya.