Myths About Online Loans Debunked
19th of August 2019 |By MOMBO |Views:

Myths About Online Loans Debunked

Thanks to technology, obtaining a loan has become as easy as downloading an online application or logging in to a website. All you have to do is provide your details, share relevant documents and have the loan approved and transferred into your account in a matter of seconds

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However, as much as the online business is successful, there’s still negative press revolving around online lending, especially in Kenya.  Below are some of the myths that we have busted and debunked.
1. Online lending Businesses are ALL scams
One of the misconception many online lenders have is that ALL online lenders are scammers, and who can blame them, really. If you do a search for loans online, you may well run across a few fraudsters. This however does not mean that all online lenders are out there to swindle your money. Do your due diligence before you commit to any online credit business.
Ask yourself questions such as how does the said business operate, do they have a physical address, get a professional review. Find out anything about the business to protect yourself from dishonest schemes.
2. Online Loans Require One To Have An Excellent Credit Score
A good credit score can get you a better rate, but people with lower credit scores are often eligible for a personal loan. If you’re turned down for a personal loan, it’s probably due to a large amount of outstanding debt, or a lack of income to cover the monthly payments.
3. Online Loans Trap a Person in Debt for a Long Time
Wrong! The truth is, many lenders offer flexible payment options that allow borrowers to repay the debt in ample time. You just need to organize yourself in order to pay loans in due time or
4. Customer support is lacking and/or unavailable.
We’ve all experienced the nightmare that is bad customer service, whether applying for an online loan or not. Well, for a percentage of businesses (not online lending businesses alone) this is true. But again, not all lenders lack customer services. In fact some have an all day long agents who are ready to answer any questions you might have
This extends to most online applications having a social media/ website presence, where responsible parties responds to any relevant consumers questions asked.It all boils down to the research you have done.  For example, at Mombo customer support is one of the main key advantages of getting a loan with us.
Online loans do not have poorly managed customer support. If you need help with anything, you have the option of making direct calls and asking for help.
Now that you know the facts about personal loans, Mombo is ready to help you apply for one. Simply download the Mombo App from Google playstore or applestore. Follow the simple prompts , send the relevant documents,a pply for the desired amount and get your loan in your phone or bank account.