Easter: 5 Tips to Save When Everybody’s Spending + 1 Tip on Savings Account in Kenya
20th of July 2019 |By MOMBO |Views:

Easter: 5 Tips to Save When Everybody’s Spending + 1 Tip on Savings Account in Kenya

Easter is almost here! Not all of us have already recovered from Christmas overspending, and now another one is around the corner! Weekend trips, entertainment, gifts, chocolates, pricey food and drinks… Is it possible to have a great Easter fun with family and friends without breaking the bank?We will tell you how to save while everybody’s spending during this Easter. And even more, how to build up a fund for things that really matter – with a savings account in Kenya.

Tips for saving during Easter

1. Set your budget.

Many of us anticipate Easter to officially indulge our cravings for chocolate and fun. But beware, this time is tricky. Small things like coffee, taxi, expensive treats, Easter-style décor and accessories stack up into a significant sum of money.

Marketers agitate the spending culture during religious holidays making a huge dent in our wallets. Can you resist this mania? Yes, if you stick to your budget. Before Easter rolls in, define your budget limits and stay within them.

We don’t recommend relying too much on credit cards and putting yourself in the red. Credit cards are bad for long-term loans.

2. Shop wisely –

before and after. While grocery shopping before Easter, always have a shopping list with you and stick to it. You know, deals here, deals there… It is always a big temptation to spend lots of money on things you don’t actually need (at least now).

The best time to look for deals is after the holiday – on Easter clearance. On post-Easter sales, you can buy gifts or Easter-related things you’ll need the next year.

3. Home-made treats and entertainment.

Treats, food and drinks stretch the budget if you buy them. Consider looking for recipes online and preparing dishes on your own. You’ll save a TON. Inviting friends and relatives to your place instead of dining out will also save you lots of cash. Especially, if you guests will bring a plate.

4. Get creative on entertainment,

and the fun won’t cost youbig money. Color real eggs (boil them hard first) and make Easter-themed crafts with kids instead of pricey chocolate egg mania.

5. Staycation instead of expensive travels.

Maybe you want some new sensations, but prefer to keep your money for a BIGGER trip in the future. Here are some Easter getaway options for you. Consider exploring your city’s surroundings, renting a cottage, going on a camping trip or just taking your family for a walk in the park. You’ll be able to spend some great time with your beloved people without flushing your savings down the drain

A savings account in Kenya: how to save when everybody’s spending?

When Easter rolls into your city, it is easy to get carried away with expensive frills and forget about your saving goals. If you want to have more than chocolate eggs in your pockets as Easter rolls by, you need to start saving now and do it wisely.
Opening a savings account in Kenya will help you devote a bearable amount of money from your everypaycheck to your dream. And what is more, do it automatically. This ensures that your savings grow regardless of the time of a year and holidays that come and go.

Opening a savings account with MOMBO:

Benefits and terms

Savings accounts differ a lot in terms of benefits and requirements. Registered SACCOs in Kenya are the best option for savings accounts. As a member, you get access to the credit facility. Most of the registered SACCOs in Kenya offer loans equal to 2 or 3 times your savings.
MOMBO not only increases this credit limit to 5-fold your savings but also offers 6% interest on savings. The last feature is unparalleled among registered SACCOS in Kenya. As a member, you also earn dividends on your shares.
To start saving with MOMBO, download an app or enrol directly on the website. After paying the nominal entrance fee, you can start growing your account with monthly instalments.
Devoting as little as KES 3,000 monthly, you’ll be able to survive any holiday without losing the saving perspective.