About Mombo

Mombo is the edgy mobile financial partner. It’s the tool you can use to regain control of your finances. It’s the one place where you can save, invest and borrow. The Mombo app is built for you.

The Mombo brand includes both Mombo iCapital (for loans and investments), and Mombo Sacco (for rewarding savings and loans community).

Mombo Values

Mombo is built on 3 core values that we share with our loyal members. With these values in mind, everything about Mombo from the day-to-day running to improvements to our smart loan app is made to better serve our members and customers.


You need simplicity and accessibility. That’s why all our services are available in one app and accessible in just a few taps from your smartphone. Everything has been designed with your convenience in mind.


Take back control of your finances. You decide how much you save. You decide where to invest. You decide when to take your loans. We’re putting you back in control and letting your money grow. Mombo rewards you and helps you to nurture your savings. The only person in control is you.


We take security and safety seriously. Our infrastructure is built to offer you reliability and security. All transactions are encrypted, and finances are safeguarded with risk-free plans. Mombo Sacco even offers youlife insurance on your savings. And our dedicated customer support team are there to answer any other questions you might have.

Significant Awards and Recognition for Mombo

Best Local Instant Mobile Loan Platform

Mombo were proud to be recognised at the second annual Digital Inclusion Awards for adapting Mombo technology in our daily business to benefit our customers and members.

award image

Meet the Mombo Team

Based in Nairobi, the Mombo team is a group of dedicated individuals, each an expert in their own role.

The Board

The Board is elected by members in compliance with the SACCO Societies Act Cap 490 B. They oversee how the app runs and the investments we make as a group.

MomboSacco Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee for Mombo Sacco is also elected by members in compliance with the SACCO Societies Act Cap 490 B. This committe responsible for Society’s compliance and internal control oversight – put simply, they’re here to ensure that Mombo is always operating fairly and for you, our members.